Maisie Bissell

Maisie Bissell is a freshman at MSU majoring in writing and photography, who really enjoys the ability to share her work. She just recently moved to Bozeman from Washington and absolutely loves it here.

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Bozeman Women Hit The Slopes

Maisie Bissell

Amelia DiGiano With so many places to ski in the world, what is it that makes Bozeman so special? If you ask the locals here in Bozeman where they ski, there’s a 90% chance they’ll say Bridger Bowl. Established in the mid-1940s, it has…

The Pickle Barrel

Maisie Bissell

You’ve been to Subway, right? Imagine Subway on steroids—that is exactly how I would describe The Pickle Barrel, a small business located on College Street with lots of amazing sandwiches, and even some merch! Owned by Jen O’Brien…

Indulge Yourself At Vienne

Maisie Bissell

It feels great to be healthy and work out, but let’s face it—we all get a sweet tooth every now and then. Vienne, a newly established, French-inspired bakery and café located at 101 S. Wallace Avenue (near the Bozeman Public…

The Well Juicery

Maisie Bissell

Are you looking for a healthy change in your life? The Well Juicery (4575 Valley Commons Drive, Suite 101) is a great resource to start that change! Owner Sierra Brask has always been passionate about healthy living; she started this juice bar in…

Think Twice Before Going Crazy

Maisie Bissell

In early November my friend Liam and I went into the Crazy Mountains to hike to Blue Lake. Going into The Crazies was absolutely amazing! This mountain range appears after passing through the town of Big Timber. We took the freeway from Bozeman and…

Knowing When To Turn Back

Maisie Bissell

Most of the time when people are told not to do something, they do it anyway. It’s just human nature to put up a challenge and go against the rules. As humans, we don’t truly learn unless we experience the consequences ourselves. If we…

Mountain Therapy

Maisie Bissell

How do I even begin to describe Bozeman? It is honestly a dream. From morning walks to being on a mountain top. It feels as if I entered another world. Everywhere I look reminds me of a painting, and sometimes I wonder if it’s too good to be…