Lesley Gilmore

Lesley M. Gilmore is a preservation architect based in Gallatin Gateway. She is an advocate for many architectural genres, as they each represent a place in time that had meaning for those who experienced it.

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MSU Bozeman Challenging Times

Lesley Gilmore

Our May 2023 article introduced the origins of Bozeman’s university now known as Montana State University (MSU), which will be referenced as such throughout this edition, which continues the story as MSU entered a period of immense growth after…

MSU Bozeman The Early Days

Lesley Gilmore

Montana State University is an integral part of Bozeman. Our largest employer, it’s our claim to fame (think NASA and robotics research), and a source of pride with regard to sports, academics, diversity, and alternative energy, among other…

Little Bear Schoolhouse: Journey into the Past

Lesley Gilmore

With its log walls, wood shingle roofing, wood floor, dusty chalkboard, tracked desks, and iron woodstove, the Little Bear Schoolhouse in Gallatin Gateway looks just as it did when the last teacher locked the door in 1950. The greatest change is that…

The Life of Montana Legacy

Lesley Gilmore

“Life of Montana” conjures something larger than life and bigger than Montana. Although the Life of Montana Insurance Company was not too big to fail, its signature building at the outskirts of Bozeman remains as testimony…