Cindy Shearer

Cindy Shearer is the Executive Director at the Gallatin History Museum and enjoys local history, live music, and fishing.

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Small Town Big Event

Cindy Shearer

Bozeman’s Boxing Brawl 1960 National Boxing Association Middleweight Championship

More than a Pretty Flower Gallatin Valley Pea Industry

Cindy Shearer

To fully appreciate the new northside development now referred to as the Bozeman Cannery District, one needs to learn about the role that the pea industry played in the economic development of the Gallatin Valley in the early 1900s. In 1911…

Gallatin Agricultural History

Cindy Shearer

With increasing conversations about growth and development, we should not forget our agricultural heritage, and the sustaining benefits we continue to enjoy today, including our scenic views and open spaces.The earliest explorers remarked about the…

Bozemans Early Music Scene...and The Bands Played On

Cindy Shearer

From day one, music has been played in Bozeman. Local kids and ladies and cornet players entertained Bozeman residents in the city’s early years, and as Bozeman was changing from a frontier town to a civilized city, local music changed as…

Hyalite A Peak, A Reservoir, A Creek and Above All Else a True Gem

Cindy Shearer

A look back at the history of our special places gives us the opportunity to engage in new ways and deepen our appreciation of those areas. The Hyalite region is a great example of how our early settlers and citizens saw the area both for its…

The Story of the Bozeman City Hall / Opera House in Three Acts

Cindy Shearer

If you can find a quiet time to sit in the little park on the southwest corner of Main and Rouse in Downtown Bozeman, and if you listen close enough, you might hear soft echoes from the past--jail cells clanging closed, fire bells ringing and quite…

History of Gallatin County Jails Revealed

Cindy Shearer

Bozeman was not the original county seat for Gallatin County. In 1865, the first Montana Territorial Legislature established counties and designated Gallatin City, located near modern-day Three Forks, as the county seat. Gallatin City held that…