Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Mouthful of Copper Reunion Shows Scheduled

Monday Apr. 1st, 2024

A triple threat—someone who works at the highest levels as a songwriter, singer, and player. Most likely, if you know who Jerry Joseph is, you agree, but there’s also a big chance that you don’t. His talent, drive, work ethic, amazing body of work, and flat out badass-ness make him one of the most underrated and tragically overlooked artists alive today. He deserves better.

First off, there’s the body of work. Jerry Joseph has been playing shows and making records since the 80s, first in a band called Little Women that at one point looked destined to be huge, but this is a crazy business and sometimes things just don’t go as planned. By the 90s Jerry was struggling with addiction while also creating the beginnings of a vast body of work as a solo artist and burning up the road backed by a mighty band called The Jackmormons.

- Paterson Hood, Drive By Truckers

Recorded over the course of a three-night stand in Butte, America in 2002, and originally released as a two disc set in 2003, Mouthful of Copper is a testament to the ability of power trios to mold the music of three people into a forceful, absorbing sound that can fill a room with full, boisterous sound. With just the three of them, Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons manage to rumble and shake the foundation of the music until you are left with a distinct sense that Jerry, Junior (Ruppel), and Brad (Rosen) certainly don’t lack any conviction. Jerry Joseph has been known for years for carrying a forceful will and unchained energy to every show and into every album, and this two-disc set is a testament to his strength, albeit a rather exhausting one.

From the long-winded, but soaring “Climb To Safety” to the more illustrious “Thistle.” All the songs on Mouthful of Copper showcase the band’s ability to hold on to a groove with an ironclad fist. Joseph’s explosive guitar playing shines all over the album, especially on the “Savage Garden,” where he peaks and falls with real grace.

The songs all carry a sense of overwhelming conviction, which is not just evidenced in Joseph’s grainy, weathered voice, but through the whole band’s explosive energy.

According to Joseph “the album seems to have legs”, and he is right. The entire recording is no guests, no props, just raw, unadulterated ROCK straight from the Badlands of Montana!

Finally, after over twenty years, the waiting is over for the vinyl loving fans. Get ready to own the definitive Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons live record for the first time on vinyl. Dive into 3 hours of pure musical mastery, remastered from the original tapes and pressed onto 5-LPs including a limited number of Deluxe Edition on stunning Metallic Copper vinyl. Plus, unlock a treasure trove of previously unreleased tracks from their historic Butte, MT run of shows with the bonus LP.

To celebrate this special event, Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons will be returning to Butte for a multi-night celebration of the Mouthful of Copper re-release at the historic Butte Depot, June 1 - June 2. Tickets are on sale now at with a limited number of specially priced three day passes. Don’t miss out on this historic weekend of fun on the richest hill on earth.