Letter From the Editor: Serving Our Community

Thursday Sep. 1st, 2022

Thank you for picking up the 183rd issue of Bozeman Magazine! This issue features topics that relate to mental health and Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. We’ve gathered resources, made lists, featured businesses who give back, and hope to share with you vital information that could save lives in our community.

It is incredibly sad that Montana has ranked in the top five for suicide rates in the nation, for the past thirty years, and that in 2020 Montana had the third highest rate of suicide in the nation. It would be rare to find a Montana adult not touched by suicide in some way, yet it is still quite unspoken, and very isolating. Our long winters don’t do depression any favors; it can feel like an unending cold nightmare for those struggling to keep going. But our community has amazing people who have been through the darkness and made it back into the light—people who don’t shy away from hard topics, people who can and will help if asked.

Our local contributing writers have created articles this month to serve the community. Bozeman Magazine puts all-things-Bozeman in one place for our readers each month; our content stays on our website indefinitely, and can be accessed after a print issue has passed. If you or someone you know is struggling, I hope you will find something within this issue that will spur change in your life. As always, our Greater Yellowstone Events Calendar has the most comprehensive list of events in our area. We continually add to it, so you will be sure to find something that interests you and attend an event, take a class, begin a fitness routine, see live music, and meet new people in our community that you can relate to.

We are just one month away from our annual Reader Poll, Bozeman’s Choice, the best chance for our readers to put their stamp of approval on over 200 local topics. On October 1 voting will be open on our website for the 2023 Bozeman’s Choice Poll. Create an account from our homepage and login in October to vote. The 2022 Bozeman’s Choice top three vote-getters are printed in a glossy annual guide, and are also available on our website. Grab a guide now to see who Bozeman’s favorites are.

September is a beautiful month to celebrate everything that Bozeman has to offer. Make it a great month.