Taking Care of the Place We Love

Thursday Sep. 1st, 2022

As Bozeman’s population / visitation has grown exponentially over the last decade, it has become clear that we need to take some steps to preserve the things that make Bozeman a unique community and a pristine recreational destination. While we all share this responsibility, Visit Bozeman (visitbozeman.com) is leading the way, partnering with Downtown Bozeman Association, Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Gallatin Watershed Council, Friends of Hyalite, Bridger Ski Foundation, and Outside Kind to strengthen our collective impact and create awareness as we work together to protect and preserve Bozeman and the surrounding area. But we need the cooperation of longtime locals, tourists, new residents, and businesses—please help us by being good to Bozeman. Here are some of the ways you can contribute to this effort.

Help Out—Participate in a self-guided cleanup. Here are a few cleanup ideas:

Scoop up the poop! Pet feces not scooped and disposed of properly is a health risk to children and adults, and it can also wash into our city storm drains or directly into our urban streams, becoming detrimental to water quality.

Pick up litter on the sidewalks or streets. All of the litter and contaminants on our sidewalks go directly into our waterways.

Pick up any cigarette butts you find—they contain toxic chemicals that can be consumed by animals or dissolve in water.

Clean up fishing line—it can ensnare birds and other animals.

Shop Locally—Local businesses are the foundation of this town. And in Bozeman, you don’t have to compromise or go out of your way to support them. Explore these options first. From local guides to Bozeman-based restaurants, it’s easy to support our vibrant community with your patronage.

Practice Patience—Our small community is growing, and is supporting visitors at a breakneck pace. Please be patient with our traffic, our workers, and our services as we catch up with the growth.

Recreate Responsibly—Practice Leave No Trace when exploring the outdoors. Pick up after your dog and yourself, always have bear spray accessible, and follow the rules on signs and trailheads.

Respect the Wild in Wildlife—Please keep your distance from wild animals including Bison, Elk, Deer, Moose, Bear and all other wild creatures. Even though they appear soft and cuddly, they are wild animals. Every year visitors are injured by animals, especially bison, so please avoid being the subject of the next viral video and keep a safe distance.

Sharing is Caring—Bozeman is for everyone, from the backcountry to downtown Main Street. Be kind and share the area with locals and visitors from all walks of life.

Learn About Our Area—Whether you are a visitor or a local, we encourage you to learn about Bozeman. Visit the Gallatin History Museum, read up on the wild animals of the area in case you encounter any, and visit interpretive signs and landmarks to learn about watersheds, forest fires, our unique geology, and historical events that happened near Bozeman.

Plan Ahead & Be Prepared—In summer and winter, last-minute reservations are hard to come by. Save yourself the frustration and plan ahead. Make sure you secure any permits, tours, lodging and transportation you need ahead of time.

Support Bozeman—If you can afford it, donate your money or time to our partner organizations including the Gallatin Watershed Council, Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Downtown Bozeman Association, Outside Kind, Friends of Hyalite and Bridger Ski Foundation. Please review their websites for donation information and volunteer opportunities.

Give Tips & Thanks—As is the case throughout the country, many places in Bozeman are short-staffed. Show your service workers a little extra kindness, whether it’s in the form of a generous tip or a gracious attitude while visiting.

Learn More—For more specific ideas on how you can Be Good to Bozeman, please visit https://visitbozeman.com/be-good-to-bozeman/, as well as our partner organizations.

Stewardship is a Montana tradition. If we all do our part to take care of the place we love, future generations will also benefit from The Last Best Place.

Visit Bozeman is primarily comprised of the Bozeman Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Gallatin Valley Tourism Improvement District.