March Cover Artist: Elizabeth Loftis

Tuesday Mar. 1st, 2022

For as long as she can remember, Elizabeth Geers Loftis has loved drawing and painting, so it wasn’t surprising when she chose to study art at Colorado State University. Her life took an amazing twist when she married a fellow Coloradan, Bob Loftis, who was starting a career as a U.S. diplomat. For over 30 years, they traveled the world: Guinea-Bissau, Brazil, New Zealand, Switzerland, Mozambique, Lesotho, Virginia, and Boston. She continued to create art, but it wasn’t until her arrival in Southern Africa that she found a never-ending supply of inspiration in the people, landscapes, wildlife, colors, and patterns.

It was in Mozambique that Elizabeth developed her unique technique with oil pastel and watercolor. She begins her paintings with oil pastel, then overlays with watercolor. The oil pastel resists the watercolor, mimicking a block print effect. Recently, she started drawing women in ornate-patterned blankets riding horses. While this reflects her love and respect for the Indian women of the American west, it is also something she frequently saw in Lesotho, amid snow and 10,000-foot mountains.

The Loftis’s first visited Bozeman when their son, Matt, attended school at MSU. Their original plan was to retire in Colorado, but after seeing Bozeman, they knew this had to be their new home. They retired here in 2020, and could not be happier.

Elizabeth loves being part of the Bozeman art scene. You can find originals and prints of her work at LeeAnn Ramey Art, a wonderful downtown gallery located in the Emerson Center For The Arts & Culture. She recently won second place for one of her two pieces in the winter Sweet Pea Art show at ERA Landmark on Main. When not creating art, Elizabeth enjoys hiking, skiing, and walking with her golden retriever, Diego. Follow Elizabeth Loftis Art on Instagram, and visit