2022 Recreational Marijuana

Friday Dec. 31st, 2021

Recreational sales in Montana begin on January 1st, 2022! Whether or not you are new to the cannabis world or have been involved in the medical side of the industry, our staff at Ganja Goddess are excited to answer any questions you may have as we approach the new year. 

The basics
• Adults 21 or older are allowed to carry/purchase 1 ounce or equivalent in cannabis products beginning January 1st, 2022
• All cannabis products must be child-resistant OR transported in a child-resistant bag

How do you determine which dispensary is medical, recreational, or have a license for both? 
Each dispensary is required to have signage clearly posted notifying the public of who can purchase at their specific location. The CCD (cannabis control division) will also be updating their website to indicate which locations sell medical only and which sell both medical and recreational for adult use only.

Under adult recreational use what guidelines must I follow? 
Just like medical use, the same rules apply for recreational use. Marijuana consumption and possession remain prohibited in public, in certain other locations, and is prohibited on all federal lands and waters. Recreational use of marijuana is prohibited in hospitals and other health care facilities. Furthermore, do not drive during or after medical or recreational use as you still will be held accountable by law enforcement. Remember, marijuana is federally illegal so be mindful as you navigate this new recreational world of cannabis use.

If I have a medical card and grow my own medical marijuana, can I purchase it recreationally?
Yes, in addition to growing your own plants you are allowed up to 1 ounce per day and up to 5 ounces per month.
Will there be a difference between recreational purchasing limits and medical purchasing limits? 
Yes, medical clients can petition their certified physicians in order to purchase a higher limit.
Examples of limits, packaging requirements and total milligrams of THC in certain products. Edible adult-use marijuana products may contain up to 10 mg of THC per serving, and up to 100 mg of THC in an entire package. In general, the total THC of marijuana flower may not exceed 35%. Topical products may contain no more than 6% THC and no more than 800 mg of THC per package. A marijuana product sold as a capsule, transdermal patch or suppository, may contain more than 100 mg of THC, and no more than 800 mg of THC in an entire package. Again, these limits do not apply to medical marijuana cardholders. 

Will products be sold in safe, child-resistant containers and packages?
Yes, all products that leave a medical or recreational dispensary are to be placed and taken in an exit bag that is child-resistant. All items will also be labeled in accordance with state compliance standards. 
Do you recommend I get a medical card? 
With a doctor’s recommendation and an approved application through the state, you are able to get a medical card. The benefits of having a medical card are the limited taxation and the ability to petition to have a higher monthly limit.
Will my information be shared with third parties?
Purchases are made with your driver’s license and recorded through a third-party tracking system that the state of Montana monitors. The system is called Metrc and tracks all cannabis grown from seed to sale.
Will I still be able to buy my CBD products at a dispensary?
The unfortunate answer to this question is, no. Medical and recreational dispensaries are not allowed to sell CBD products; however, those products can be sold by other businesses or can be purchased online. For example, Ganja Goddess located in Bozeman has decided to sell their house-made CBD products online. Many other dispensaries have chosen to remove their CBD products from the sales floor or have been pushed to sell their products online/to other dispensaries. 

Can I travel through counties that did not approve the use of recreational marijuana? 
If you are traveling from one county to another and transporting any marijuana products you will need to check with the specific county on their rules and regulations regarding their specific laws and regulations.

Will there be a cannabis sales Tax? What will be the difference between recreational vs. medical?
Recreational marijuana will be taxed at 20% of retail sales. Medical marijuana will continue to be taxed at 4% of retail sales. Local jurisdictions may add an additional tax of up to 3%.

This information was provided by Ganja Goddess [2006 W Babcock St, Bozeman], a women-owned, Montana-made, family-operated company located throughout the Treasure State. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Reference: Montana Department of Revenue. “ Cannabis Control Division-Montana Department of Revenue.” 2021, http://mtrevenue.gov/cannabis/.