Editor's Note: Summer is Here

Angie Ripple  |   Thursday Jul. 1st, 2021

It really doesn’t get much better than summer in Montana, and the secret must be out because the number of out-of-state license plates on local roads continues to increase each year. Whether it’s your 50th summer in Bozeman or your 1st, Bozeman Magazine can help you find ways to make the best of our warmest months of the year.

This issue features several recreation-based articles, personal tales of adventure in our backyard trails and mountains, a look at the elevation of the Bridger Range, and a Top 10 list of Yellowstone sites. Recreation is one of our area’s biggest draws; please remember your bear spray, bells, and water when enjoying time on our trails. Our dining interview is with the iconic Western Cafe, a truly Old Bozeman standard, serving breakfast and lunch for the past 80 years in downtown Bozeman. In addition to the dining interview, we’ve included a local ice cream tour list, fun for the kids, and fun for the ice cream lovers in your life - a perfect July pastime. You can plow into some local history from the Gallatin History Museum’s article about the evolution of travel in our area, from horses to driverless vehicles. Our music features this month introduce a new outdoor venue for summer 2021, Love Field, and an interview with Phil Lesh’s (Grateful Dead) son Grahame about his upcoming show in Bozeman at the new venue.

At the back of the magazine, you will find the Greater Yellowstone Events calendar where we have the biggest and most accurate assortment of local and regional events for you to partake in. This is the significant contribution we make to the Bozeman community each month, the gathering of events all in one place for our readers, encouraging you to get out and participate in all Bozeman has to offer, make connections and enjoy music, art, recreation, sport, and all-things-Bozeman. Events are added to our online calendar daily and you can search events from our home page www.bozemanmagazine.com from the top right corner.

Bozeman Magazine is our gift to the community; we are celebrating 14 years of publishing this year. Thank you for reading, advertising, contributing, and engaging with us!

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