February 2021 Cover Artist Rachel Ainuu

Monday Feb. 1st, 2021

Rachel Ainuu is a Bozeman Montana based artist who enjoys painting outdoor landscapes, especially climbing locations and scenery. She paints plain air style with watercolor and pen. She can often be found perched in Hyalite Canyon painting the winter ice flows and ridgelines that inspire many to hike and climb in the area.

Rachel also enjoys photographing the places she’s been locally to show friends and family. She is inspired by the varying geological formations within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Rachel moved to Bozeman in 2017 to be closer to the mountains and further her outdoor pursuits. During this time, Rachel studied art and graphic design at MSU and is now in her junior year of the design program.

Her passion for art began at a young age with the opportunity to go to an art camp in Palouse Valley, Washington near her hometown of Spokane, Washington. Into her older teen years, she was able to teach students at this summer art camp for four years before studying abroad in Europe and moving to Montana for school.

Rachel is currently taking a break from school to focus on her job and her artwork. “I want to inspire others to live a great life outdoors and to be continuously rejuvenated by the beauty of photography and painting,” she says. Find Rachel on Instagram @rachelainuu_, she is excited about the prospect of taking painting commissions and can be reached by phone at (509)389-1287.