January Cover Artist: Alienated Productions

Friday Jan. 1st, 2021

Alienated Productions is a photography/digital art business founded by Kasandra Kessel. Kasandra started out shooting many styles of photography, but found her true passion in portrait photography as the years went on. Kasandra specializes in edgy, unconventional portraits, though she recently has been getting more into landscapes as well. About three years ago, Kasandra met her Instagram crush, Daniel Kessel, on a first date of collaborative photography. That bloomed into a friendship, and then an engagement, and finally a marriage. Since then, Daniel has joined the team at Alienated Productions, where he brings his own unique talents and style, such as light painting photography and digital art. Together Kasandra and Daniel complement each other and combine to offer many services throughout Montana, ranging from shooting portraits and weddings, to things such as digital art and album covers. See more work by the two-person team at Alienated Productions at www.alien8mt.com/