December Cover Artist: Kelly Hartman

Tuesday Dec. 1st, 2020

Kelly Hartman grew up in the mountains, quite literally, in a tiny valley just a half a mile from Yellowstone National Park. Her parents are wildlife photographers, so she spent much of her childhood hiking through the woods on the search for the elusive owl or that perfect scenic vista. Following graduation from Northwest College and Western Oregon University, where Kelly received her BFA in painting, she moved back home to Montana, back to the log cabin she had lived in her whole life.

“I have always known that I wanted to be an artist, but never was I more inspired then when seeing the amazing place I grew up in all over again with fresh eyes. After spending three years at home, working as the Director of the Cooke City Montana Museum, I made the move to Bozeman, where I am currently the curator at the Gallatin History Museum. I spend all of my free time creating. I am a painter, printmaker, weaver, writer, and photographer. Studio 308 (named for the painting studio I occupied in college) was formed so that I can share my love of home with others, in hopes that they get the same feeling of comfort and sense of place out of my works.”

Montana, and the Bozeman area in particular, has no end to inspiring views. From the grand vistas to be seen on the mountain tops to the beautiful trails that wind their way through the town. Kelly’s latest body of work has begun with a vision of translating some of this local beauty into art, primarily printmaking and weaving.

On this month’s cover, “Triple Tree Trail” is Kelly’s first multi-layer limited edition print that emulates the scope of those to come. Kelly is planning about a dozen prints in this vein, the next being a view from a cornfield in Manhattan looking back toward the Bridgers.

Just this last month, Kelly purchased her first loom and since has been creating scarves inspired by the colors of Montana from photographs she has taken. Kelly pairs each scarf with an image in hopes that the wearer will receive the same sense of peace and joy that she found being in that place every time they wrap up in one.

See more from Kelly on her website