Gratitude Is The Attitude

Angie Ripple  |   Sunday Nov. 1st, 2020

This year has been hard, so while brainstorming what to write for this month’s Editor’s Note, I decided the best way to balance the instability I’ve been feeling is with some gratitude. November is an obvious choice of months to proclaim gratitude and thankfulness, so here goes.

Bozeman Magazine is a compilation of local contributing writers’ work put together for you to read; each writer has volunteered to create interesting and informative editorial, and our youngest contributor began at age 12. So, what you are getting with each issue of Bozeman Magazine is a slice of real life in Bozeman, from real people who live here. I am so very thankful that our model has worked for the past 13 years, and for the many contributing writers we have published over the years. Our content is truly amazing, and so are our contributors.

I am also perpetually grateful for our advertisers, local businesses who have chosen Bozeman Magazine to get their message out and draw customers in. Bozeman Magazine is an ideal venue for getting local and regional businesses seen in each issue and on our website (; in turn, our advertisers greatly appreciate your business! Another thank you specifically for Cosmic Pizza, to Ken Burger. Ken has advertised in EVERY issue of Bozeman Magazine, as well as our annual Food Scene dining guides. Thank you, Ken, and congratulations on your new restaurant in downtown Belgrade. Thank you all advertisers past and present; we cannot do this without you.

To the thousands of readers who have voted in the Bozeman’s Choice Reader Poll over the past six years, a very big thank you to you. You make this time of year so fun for us. As we watch the votes pour in and the winners rise to the top, we get excited for the year to come and the information we can provide to locals and visitors in the Bozeman’s Choice Reader Poll Annual Guide listing the top 3 vote getters for each question. Look out for the 2021 Guide this January, and if you haven’t voted yet, go to by Nov 7, 2020 to vote.

Of course, I am thankful for my family. My husband Brian, who designs each page of the magazine and keeps our plants, animals, and us fed, and our three children, who do not love virtual school, but love us enough to humour us by participating. I love you guys.
Thanks Bozeman! It’s been 162 months of curating interesting art and information for you. I am thankful for my job.

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