General Election In Gallatin County

What you need to know to vote in the 2020 Election

Angie Ripple  |   Thursday Oct. 1st, 2020

It’s a general election year, but because it’s 2020 things will look a lot different for Gallatin County voters. On August 18, 2020, Gallatin County Commissioners voted 2-1 in support of mail-in voting for the general election November 3. There were several factors affecting their vote including not being able to hold election officer training in April due to the pandemic, and lack of spaces large enough to carry out in-person voting with social distancing in place. Since the commissioners vote two in-person voting places were created and will be available for the general election. Beginning October 2, voters may appear at the Gallatin County Election Department (311 W. Main St, Room 210) from 7:30 AM until 6:00 PM Monday through Friday to vote in-person. And, on Election Day (November 3), voters can appear at the election office in the Courthouse or at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds (901 N Black Ave) from 7:30 AM – 8:00 PM in order to vote in-person.

For those preferring to drop off their ballot, the Gallatin County Election Department will provide multiple locations for drop off for the 2020 general election. First, ballots will be mailed to active registered voters on Friday, Oct. 9. Beginning that day, the locations listed in the blue box below will function as places of deposit for ballots during their regular business hours through Election Day. And on Election Day, they will have extended hours from 7:00 AM until 8:00 PM. Only voters who have an active voting status will be mailed a ballot. Voters who are currently inactive should call the Election Department to determine the reason for inactivation and what action may need to occur in order to be returned to active status. A voter can review their status by using the My Voter Page ( or contacting the election office at 406-582-3060 or

Regular voter registration for the November election will close on Monday, Oct. 26. Late registration begins the following day and continues until noon the day before the election. If you are currently not registered to vote you can obtain a voter registration application on the Montana Secretary of State’s website ( or the Gallatin County Election Department website ( After completing the form, it can be, emailed (, faxed (406-582-3068) or mailed to the election office (311 W. Main St. Room 210, Bozeman MT 59715).

With the exception of the Gallatin County Election Department, the locations listed below in the red box serve only for depositing of voted ballots. If you need to register, update your information, or wish to vote in-person, please contact the Gallatin County Election Department at 406-582-3060 or for information about these services.

Not only is voting your civic duty, it really does matter. The 2000 Presidential election was won with 0.009 percent of the votes cast in the state of Florida, or 537 votes. Please let your voice be heard this November 3rd. VOTE!   

Thank you to Casey R. Hayes Election Manager at the Gallatin County Election Dept. for information and fact-checking.

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