Hope is Greater Than Change

Angie Ripple  |   Monday Jun. 1st, 2020

Have you seen the list on Facebook where you put down all the things you like that barely anyone else likes or vice versa? As an example, friend C. dislikes the Harry Potter series, but feels like everyone else loves it. Well, I’m about to tell you a secret about me that I feel a little alone in, self-help books; I like self-help books and I read self-help books more than any other book (except biographies). Why the heck would I tell you that I like self-help books? Partly because every month when I sit down to write this little note from the editor, I rarely have any idea what I’m about to write, and a lot of the time I’m not that proud of it (self-doubt). And, partly because there are some classic self-help to-do’s that might actually help you out during COVID-19 June 2020.

Perspective. Simply changing the way you look at a situation can bring an entirely new, and often more positive, perspective to a situation. In the current COVID-19 era, reminding yourself that the current state of affairs is temporary and that you are in control of your reactions may be helpful. Changing your perspective can be physical as well. Not having a great day? Take a walk and listen to the birds, or just put your feet in the grass on your next break. Simple change of physical perspective can be a valuable mental health tool.

Change. Accepting change is not my strong suit, but I have been given the opportunity to accept change MANY times in my life, and when I grab the bull by the horns and accept that the change will happen with or without my permission, I am more free to focus on what am in control of.

Hope. I am a naturally optimistic person, with a strong helping of realistic mixed in. Being hopeful helps me get through hard things and focus on the outcomes I want instead of what I don’t want. Spring in Montana is a very hopeful time for me; flowers mean hope to me, and with each new bloom I feel more hopeful about the future. By choosing an optimistic outlook, you will be empowered to expect good things coming your way.

These are just three quick paradigm shifting options in case you find yourself stuck in a mindset of self-doubt or worry. I mean them to be a helpful reminder.

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