Map Brewing Announces NEW Outdoor Summer Concert Series on Back Patio

Brian Ripple  |   Monday Jun. 3rd, 2019

The Hawthorne Roots will be kicking off the new MAP Brewing Summer Concert Series on Wednesday, July 3 at 6 p.m. They are a 4-time award winning, sister-led band from Bozeman, Montana. The group brings a soulful and energetic performance to the stage, every lyric sung with passion and authenticity. The bands original material explores different emotions and pushes the boundaries of Americana music. Their uniquely branded “Revved Up Soul” genre has gained momentum and admiration within the northwest community and beyond. 

The Hawthorne Roots formed in 2014 and began touring in 2016. Their sound grew with each change in lineup until the current 5-piece formed and found their groove. The current lineup includes songwriters Madeline Kelly (vocals, rhythm guitar), Emma Kelly (vocals) and Lucas Mace (lead guitar), Jerrad Highman, and Andrew Olivio. Over the past few year the group has continued to expand their region, returning to Denver, hitting Portland, OR and expanding to areas of Idaho, Wyoming and Washington. 

The Hawthorne Roots are independently managed by group founder Madeline Kelly and marketed by sister Emma Kelly. Every member of the band is committed to taking this project as far as it will go with hopes to find representation and support to tour nationally and internationally, as well as to play major festivals.        

When formed in 2014, the majority of songs came from Madeline Kelly. Now the band has begun to experiment in co-writing material and delving into rock n’ roll. When Lucas Mace joined the band on lead guitar the entire dynamic changed. His electrifying licks and impeccable tone brought a new energy to the sound. Co-written material by Lucas and Madeline has resulted in an exciting shift of their sound and style. 

The Hawthorne Roots spent the winter, spring, and summer of 2018 touring heavily in the western region. Spring and summer are looking very  busy for the Hawthorne Roots this year as well, with shows in Targhee, Billings, Bend OR, Silvercloud, the Top Hat in Missoula and Yarmony Grass in Colorado. 

Other summer concert series bands at MAP Brewing will include Hooligans, 710 Ashbury, Yabba Griffiths and a couple other big surprises. Check out for more information and updates as they become available.   

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