TART: Trans Am Roadtrip

Sunday Jul. 1st, 2018

It is a car that certainly grabs the attention--the black and gold Trans Am, made famous by the Smokey and The Bandit films of the late 70s. It was the poster car for many a child of that era and holds fond memories for those of a certain age.  You may have seen the car parked around Bozeman or driven by its proud owners, Tim and Dione Rogers. These downtown Bozeman residents try to put the buzz the car creates to good use, and this July they will be undertaking their second charity Trans Am Road Trip. This year they will be driving the special edition 1979 Trans Am from Bozeman to Albuquerque, New Mexico and back. They hope to raise money from t-shirt and hat sales, the profits from which will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association and the Bozeman SLAM Festival.

Tim is an English import who grew up in the Suburbs of North London. Dione is originally from Montana and a graduate of the University of Southern California. They were married in Big Sky, Montana in February 2009. Dione is a marketing consultant. Tim is a real estate specialist and principal of Tim Rogers Montana, a multi-faceted consultancy business that focuses on Bozeman Real Estate, Cars and Lifestyle. 

Tim and Dione have completed a major Charity Trans Am Road Trip once before, in 2015, in aid of the Alzheimer’s Association. This time they would love the support of the Bozeman community to raise even more money for that and for SLAM. Tim Rogers Montana is a sponsor of the festival and specifically of the Emerging Artists tent. It is not just a one-off commitment; much of Tim’s website TimRogersMT.com is devoted to promoting local independent businesses and artists. Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States and the annual global cost of dementia is $818 billion in U.S. dollars. The 8th annual Summer SLAM Festival will return to Bogert Park in Bozeman, August 4th & 5th, 2018. Artists from around the state of Montana in all mediums will be exhibiting their work, while performers grace the stage for 2 days of fabulous Montana entertainment.  

Visit transamroadtrip.com/ to purchase your TART (Trans Am Road Trip, get it?) hat and t-shirt and help Tim and Dione give back to the Bozeman community. Keep up with their road trip there, or on Facebook & Twitter.