406 Fashion Tips for a Montana Wedding

Sandra Torgerson-Gould  |   Sunday Apr. 1st, 2018

Have you ever been to an outdoor wedding and it started to snow?      

Living in Montana for over 20 years, I’ve been to weddings all over this beautiful state in every season. From a summer wedding in the ranch fields of Miles City to a wintery celebration in the peaks of Big Sky, I have discovered lots of fashion tips that make me a Montana Wedding PRO.

When selecting what to wear, determine the formality of the event & location. A nice dress will usually be comfortable and perfectly appropriate for most events. If you find the right dress with pockets, you just hit the motherload.

SHOES on the other hand need a little more thought. DON’T wear spiky heels for an outside ceremony; you’ll just torture yourself! But if in a barn, YES, depending on your skills. Otherwise a good looking cowboy boot or wedge should be your go-to shoe. It gives you solid footing to dance all night long without taking your shoes off.

Hair and makeup should be FRESH! Now this can mean all sorts of things for different people. But before you try a new do OR a smoky eye, practice before the day of. It’s sucks to have to RESTART, and honestly sometimes you don’t even have the time.

Once, I got stuck wearing a 60s Bouffant Hairdo to my sister’s wedding, Curly Ques and all. Trust me, it wasn’t my best day! Cue the gut wrenching laughs.

Now that we’ve worked through the basics, here is the good stuff! Things that have saved me time and time again. These tips will truly give you all the ammo you need to call yourself a Montana Wedding Pro too!

•  Bring a foldable umbrella: great as a sun shade or for an
    unexpected rain/snow. Share with an older family member
    of the bride or groom that is not from Montana and get
• Bring an extra outfit; be ready to change in the car.
• Keep a cooler of snacks & bevies in the car; late night crew!
• Don’t put mascara on the bottom lash, just in case you cry.
• Bring a beautiful scarf that matches your outfit;  you all know
    how fast weather can change in Montana. This is an elegant
    solution and can be used for warmth, cover up a soiled
    outfit, or work as a handkerchief if you happen to cry.
• Bring a gift: don’t come empty handed. Even if it’s a
    thoughtful card.

So, there you go, get out there ladies and have yourself a Hootin Tootin time, snow or shine.

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