Top 5 Uniquely Bozeman Valentine’s Day Ideas

Angie Ripple  |   Thursday Feb. 1st, 2018

It’s time to think beyond the box of chocolates and upscale dining for a 2018 Valentine’s Day. You really want to knock his or her socks off this year and make a memory. Here are five uniquely Bozeman ideas to help you express your affection to your Valentine in a new way. If you are single and/or anti-Valentine’s Day, these ideas will work for you too!

Skate It Up

Hit the ice this Valentine’s Day for a memorable recreation date that will score big with your significant other. Skating is inexpensive, even free at area rinks if you have your own skates, and if your partner isn’t so good at it, it’s a great way to stay close, keep each other upright, hug and snuggle, and/or be the hero. Skate indoors with skate rentals available at the Haynes Pavilion at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, or at these city park locations: Bogert Park, Southside Park, Beall Park.

Open Mic/Karaoke

Strengthen your duet by getting out and having some fun singing the night away. The Haufbrau’s Open Mic is a great place to start, or just observe some new local music. There is nothing better than letting loose and having fun making a fool of yourself on a great date.

Bar Hop

Have more fun than just one fancy sit-down dinner can provide and bounce around town or downtown by hitting up a handful of places for appetizers and drinks. Use our Bozeman Food and Bar Finder to plan a route, or check to see what is available. If it gets to be a late night, grab a Streamline bus, Uber or Vexi home.

Game Night

Opt in with friends and play games you’ve collected or recently purchased at a local retailer like Rooks, Giggles or a Big Box. Not every Valentine’s Day has to be just you and your sweetheart; the more the merrier. If you are single, this is a great way to have fun with friends and meet someone new.

Check Our Calendar

Bozeman has great events happening every night of the week, and we’ve got tons of events on our Greater Yellowstone Events Calendar (at the back of the magazine & at Valentine’s Day proper includes a wide variety of events from cardio, energy identification, lectures and music. Don’t limit yourself to just one day, you’ll definitely find something unique to try this month on our calendar.

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