What's Your Beef? Your ‘Job’ and You

Friday Sep. 1st, 2017

Your ‘Job’ and You

You think your work is XYZ or finding a way to make $$ and ‘support’ yourself.

It’s not.

Your essential work at this point in time is to cultivate Consciousness and bloom.

We do this by generating as much Love and kindness as possible in our daily encounters, which serves to increase the frequency of our energy.

The higher the frequency at which we vibrate the more Light we contain—and the greater the Consciousness available.

As we attain higher and higher levels of Consciousness, the less we have to consider the ‘how’ of living as it becomes a Grace-full flow of synchronicity.

So whatever ‘job’ you’ve been given to do or whatever role you’ve been given to play, that is simply how you are occupying your time—the most superficial function.

The hidden, esoteric, Cosmic purpose of your being in that location with those people is to bring as much Light into that environment as possible, by being kind, patient, considerate, cooperative, good-natured, supportive and loving—demonstrating what it is to be an ideal human being.

If you’d like to accelerate The Great Transformation,* alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters around the world and create Heaven on Earth, please—do your job.

*We are in the midst of the greatest transformation the world has ever seen. Out of the wildfire of insanity ignited by madmen, the Phoenix of Consciousness is arising. This year has unveiled a whole new level of Planetary Awakening—more and more people seem ready to take a giant step into an embodiment of their own Higher Self.

The Great Transformation is what I am calling the current period of societal upheaval (and dissolution of the old paradigm) precipitating profound change on the planet.

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

I exist in my own reality—a reality where Love & Kindness, Peace & Harmony reign.

My reality supports me, and my reality inspires me.

I live in this reality by my own choosing, by my own intention. I live in this reality by focusing my attention on all that is good, uplifting, inspiring—on the Love that I Am and the Love that I perceive all around me; on the Light that I know myself to be and the Light that I see in others.

And the more I cultivate that Love and Light within me, the more I see it all around me. It increases daily—and I receive the benefit: it’s a closed circuit, nourishing itself. I thrive.

And at the same time, by living in this Loving Reality, I infuse its qualities into the environment around me, and share these qualities with those in that environment—uplifting and inspiring by the energies I embody. I am doing my part in “transforming the fabric of reality for the well-being of All” to the best of my ability.

And all around me, wherever I look, I see the world transforming: I see caring and kindness, progress in sustainability, improvement in quality of life. I see education that nourishes the being, the choosing of people over profit. I see humor, I see Consciousness, I see equality expanding—I see a new world dawning.

(I also see those attached to and invested in the energies of the Old Paradigm contorted with excruciating madness, while it goes through its death throes. The antics are absurd and appalling at the same time, but serve a purpose in the greater scheme of things: ripping away the veil of illusion with a vengeance and inspiring those with goodness in their hearts out of complacency and into action.)

So while I may be aware of its existence, I don’t dwell on the madness—it will run its course and expire. I choose instead to feed my energy into my preferred reality—for that is where it serves in the highest capacity. I have no interest in ‘fighting against,’ I prefer to nurture, to support, to inspire.

You may call me deluded; “You may say that I’m a dreamer—but I’m not the only one…”    

Sent in by Sahara Devi.