What Is Bozeman Magazine About?

Angie Ripple  |   Friday Sep. 1st, 2017

In August I was asked several times what Bozeman Magazine is about. I guess I thought it was obviously about Bozeman, but I get that maybe the questioners were looking for more than the obvious answer. Bozeman Magazine is full of information that can’t be found anywhere else; it isn’t “news,” it’s stuff you may or may not have noticed or found for yourselves. Another way to say it is that we’ve tried to put everything Bozeman in one place for you.

We start with cover art from local and/or regional artists that relates to Bozeman, or says Bozeman in some way. Sometimes the cover relates to the editorial within, often it is seasonal, and sometimes it’s just an awesome photograph or painting from someone in the community. We often give unknown artists their first big exposure to the community by featuring them on our cover. Both Bozeman Magazine publishers have degrees in Art - Graphic Design from Montana State University. It is important to us to feature local artists and give them a chance to GET SEEN. Cover artist submissions have a distinct ebb and flow; we are currently looking for cover art for this fall and early winter months. Artists interested in being featured can email samples or a link to samples to info@bozemanmagazine.com or go to http://bozemanmagazine.com/pages/contribute for more information.

Editorial in Bozeman Magazine begins with the Living Local section, a catch all for events before they happen, local history, What’s Your Beef, and general Bozemanite stuff. All of our editorial content is contributed by locals with a passion for writing and communicating what they care about and what makes Bozeman special. [Contact us if you would like to contribute!] We have several themes running through each issue. Contributors write on topics they care about or that are current topics of interest in the community. Living Local is followed by Food & Drinks where we interview a local restaurant or bar owner or proprietor and dig into their back story, what they love about Bozeman and what they want patrons to experience at their establishment. Our website and annual Food Scene restaurant guide lists every restaurant in a 200-mile radius of Bozeman; there are over 500! Obviously we can’t get to them all in twelve months, but we’ve featured many great places and you can read past interviews on our website. This month we’ve launched our 1st Bozeman Magazine Restaurant Review-a-Thon, for every restaurant you review (with up to 5-star rating) on our website you will be entered to win $500 in FREE FOOD from local eateries! Weekly prizes will also be awarded. Check our site and social media for updates. After Food & Drink, we feature Recreation & Health; this section ranges from stories about local hiking adventures and river recreation to Top 10 Rec lists and health tips from local professionals. Rec & Health is followed by Montana Music, a passion of ours and many Bozemanites. We feature upcoming music events as well as local/regional band profiles and interviews. Screen & Stage follows MT Music with more press for upcoming theatrical productions in our area. Bozeman Realtor Tim Ford has been contributing a Bozeman Real Estate market update for the magazine for the past nine years! Tim’s analysis, recommendations and insight are often noticed by new readers and Bozeman new comers in particular; investors should also take notice. We end each magazine with the Greater Yellowstone Events Calendar!

Bozeman Magazine and bozemanmagazine.com has information for nearly every venue and organization in Bozeman that is doing something in the community; we put it all in one place for our readers/viewers. We seek out events, but more importantly, we ask individuals and organizations to add their events (for FREE) to our calendar(s) so that we have the biggest and best events calendar available in the Bozeman area. Asking individuals and organizations to add their events themselves also lends our calendar to be the most accurate calendar in the area. When you add an event with all of the primary details, contact info, venue info, cost and so forth you know that the information is accurate! Many organizations and/or individuals see this as free advertising; we see it as a community service, and as with anything that is “free” it really takes a lot of work and commitment on our part to keep it going. We are currently seeking a sponsor for our events calendar to make it sustainable! If your business is interested in sponsoring our events calendar and showing up as a major advocate for local events please contact us.

Bozeman Magazine is celebrating 10 years of publishing in 2017. We’ve made big changes throughout the years and continue to build our team as well as our loyal readership. We publish monthly, 12X per year, and the magazine is available at over 200 locations with new issues out at the beginning of each month. Thanks for picking up this issue. I hope you learn something!  

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