Decade One

Angie Ripple, Brian Ripple  |   Thursday Jun. 1st, 2017

It’s officially time to celebrate. The 121st issue of Bozeman Magazine, originally Bozeman’s Own Monthly Magazine, is here and nearly every previous issue is now archived at MSU’s Renne Library and will be available for review upon request. However, as a side note, the collection is currently missing a lot of 2009, so if you are a collector please get in touch! 121 issues means this is our 10th year publishing Bozeman Magazine (insert cheers and congratulations). We’d like to take this opportunity to give shout outs to the people in our community that have helped us get where we are today!

Every Contributor We Have Ever Published
We’ve given Bozeman a voice, and the opportunity to help us tell the Bozeman story. Thank you to every writer and artist who has contributed along the way, we couldn’t have done it without you! We are very proud to feature local (and often unknown or overlooked) artists on our cover every month. Each article is written by a local writer contributing to our community. Without our contributors nobody would get to see another issue of Bozeman Magazine.

Our Loyal Advertisers
In order to maintain our first copy is free status, we rely on our advertisers to see the value in promoting their businesses with us. Without our advertisers nobody would get to see another issue of Bozeman Magazine.

The People Who Read The Magazine Every Month
You, our readers are the reason we print every month. Finding an audience is what publishing is all about. We all live in this magnificent place and are all lucky to call this valley home. Bozeman magazine is just here to keep everyone informed. Without our readers nobody would get to see another issue of Bozeman Magazine.

The Amazing Cover Artists
Both publishers hold a BFA in design from Montana State and try very hard to support our local art community in every way possible. Our passion for the arts and artists of our community shines on every cover, and throughout the magazine.

Our Friends And Family
Thanks to Bob, Natalie, Jon, Tim & Betsy Ripple for your continued support and encouragement. To Rona, Michael, Annette, Marilyn, Art, Jan, Jamie, Mary, Betty, Paula, Chan, Brenda and families who keep an eye on us from afar and keep liking what we’re doing. And to all our Bozeman friends who support and encourage us (you know who you are) - we love you! Without our friends & families nobody would get to see another issue of Bozeman Magazine.

Thank you!

Brian & Angie Ripple publish Bozeman Magazine with the ‘help’ of their three children. 120 issues are in the books. Thanks for reading everybody.

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