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Keep It Rockin' KGLT

Angie Ripple  |   Tuesday Mar. 3rd, 2015

Not every town has the luxury of alternative, freeform, commercial free radio. Luckily we Bozemanites have that luxury, and it is called KGLT. If you haven’t turned your radio dial to 91.9FM or 97.1FM in a while (or ever) you totally need to do it today. If you didn’t catch it in the first sentence the station is a music radio station - commercial free - with live (volunteer) DJs - 24/7-365. Even when you are far from your Bozeman home you can enjoy the tunes of KGLT. In Southwest Montana the airwaves reach Livingston, Helena and Gardiner/Mammoth. Worldwide KGLT streams 24/7 at so you can listen on your smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere, anytime.

About three years ago I concluded that KGLT would be the best station for my car stereo to be set to. I decided I would leave it on 91.9FM indefinitely and hear how it went. I have a flexible schedule as Champion of the People at Bozeman Magazine and I drive around town quite frequently to deliver magazines, meet with advertisers, volunteer, go to meetings and educational events. I get to hear a wide variety of music on these travels. While preparing for this article (listening to KGLT and driving around town) I counted eleven KGLT DJs that I either know personally, have met, or know from their other ventures. A quick shout out to a couple of them - hi Ellen, Kenny, Ron and Sam!

KGLT is super special, and is still on the air (since 1968 from the campus of Montana State University) because of donations from listeners, grants, foundations, underwriting (the commercial alternative) and support from the Associated Students of Montana State University.

Each year, about this time, KGLT holds its annual fund drive. The Fund Drive is the listeners chance to donate money, receiving awesome incentives in return (t-shirts, ski passes, locally made ceramic mugs, concert tickets and WAY more) to keep this audio treasure operating. If you aren’t able to donate dollars to keep KGLT rocking there are several other ways you can be involved - become a DJ, or underwrite a show, or donate your car.

To learn everything you need to know to be a KGLT radio DJ and get the tools you’ll need to go live on the air you can take the KGLT Apprentice Class. This class is open to both MSU students and any member of the community. To find out more what you will learn, the requirements, and how to register go here.  Who knows we might just hear you on the air in the near future!

If you have something to promote (like a business), and you love music, KGLT is a great fit for you to underwrite a show and get exposure for your business or project. As their website saws underwriting at KGLT “Reaches an exclusive audience and identifies your business as a supporter of alternative public radio across Southwest Montana.” There are some specific guidelines that the FCC has set forth about underwriting and public radio (again more on the website if you are interested).

Have a boat, trailer, motor home, motorcycle, farm equipment or RV that you don’t want to hassle with anymore? You can donate it to KGLT. KGLTs partner The Center for Car Donations will take care of the pick-up and sale of your vehicle, and KGLT will benefit. A couple of other great Bozeman non-profits also partner with the Center for Car Donations, plenty of options for a unique donation.

If you like the idea of freeform radio, supporting local stuff, or just music in general turn your radio dial to 91.9FM and listen in. Consider a contribution to KGLT’s 2015 fund drive and make it a tradition.  
Angie Ripple is the publisher of Bozeman Magazine. Her radio career began and ended at KERR/KQ92 in northwestern Montana in the mid-90’s where she did the weather and babysat the station overnight.

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