January Editors Note

Angie Ripple  |   Wednesday Dec. 31st, 2014

Just after Christmas I received an email with these words tucked inside: “My wish for 2015 is that you find within yourself the commitment and discipline to keep your passions alive and share them with all those people who need what you’re doing and providing.”

Quite honestly it will take both an extended commitment and rediscovered discipline to keep Bozeman Magazine alive in 2015. In my role as ‘The Peoples Champion’ I will continue to seek to connect with the people in our community who need what we are doing (awesome publication) and what we are providing (unique advertising venue).

If you and I have not had a chance to meet in person I invite you to connect with me in 2015. I have a passion for telling the story of each individual, and strongly believe that every face has a story. I am more than a salesperson, editor and webmaster; and I am certain you are more than an accountant, or yoga instructor, or parent... The more than story is the one I’d like to tell.

One year ago I set out to write an Editor’s Note for each issue of the magazine, I believe I wrote 11 out of 12 in 2014. The idea of writing a personal note in each issue scared me (not to mention having my picture in each issue as well!) I’ve come through the process more connected to you the reader, and you to me and the publication.

Read on in this issue for articles about giving back to your community, (un)affordable housing, homelessness, fitness, trips to Yellowstone in winter, Bozeman music venues, and the very best events calendar in the greater Yellowstone area!

If you would like to contribute your writing to Bozeman Magazine in the future please send us an email. We are currently looking for writers to contribute articles about Living Local and Recreation as well as a photography intern. We are also seeking a top-notch sales person, if that is you let’s talk!

Views are my own, at least until I insert them into our publication.

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