Bozeman Public Display Project

Friday Oct. 31st, 2014

Local Bozeman artist, Mike Becker, is the brains (and the talent) behind a project that he calls the ‘Public Display Project’. Since 2011 Mike has been hanging his art in downtown Bozeman for anyone to take.

In July 2014 a group of 11 local artists displayed 33 pieces of art; all were taken by strangers by the end of the day.    

Both creating and sharing are what make a project like PDP special. The most recent Bozeman PDP was 10/5/14; Mike knows who took this painting. “She contacted me and posted a picture of herself with it on Facebook.” Only a few people and their stories are known to PDP artists, the rest are a mystery.

“I encourage artists to participate in my project with their own pieces; whoever wants to experience this should do so!” If you are interested in participating contact Mike at