Letter from the Editor: My Next Vacation

My Next Vacation

Angie Ripple  |   Friday May. 30th, 2014

It seems like I say I need a vacation about once a week. After all; I work with my husband, am raising three young children (7 and under), and am running a small business (or maybe it is running me). I probably actually do need a vacation. Yet, I meet other small business owners in Bozeman who have been running their businesses even longer than I have lived here and they have not had a vacation in many years. Its not that they don’t need one, or deserve one, I think it may be that they just don’t take the time for one.

You may be reading Bozeman Magazine today while you are on vacation, aren’t you lucky? If I had a nickel for every time someone told me that they came to Bozeman on vacation, knew that they would some day end up here, and then did eventually move here, well I might have a couple handfuls of nickels. The magic of vacation is fascinating, and may sometimes cloud ones judgement of just how wonderful a place may actually be, (not Bozeman of course).

My family and I generally vacation to the exotic and amazing land of Wisconsin. I’ve had a couple of chuckles from colleagues when I mention my plans, or share my stories of adventures to Wisconsin, but honestly when I’m there it feels like one of the greatest places on earth, much like Bozeman probably is for you, or has been, or will be. We go to WI, not for the dairy air or to be far from home, we go for family, my inherited family, and my husbands immediate family. As a family; we go to visit family, who also visit us in Bozeman at least once a year. They don’t come to visit us because of the vibrant community, the world-class rivers, or the Biggest Skiing in America (although we have enjoyed all of these things with them), they come because we are here.

I don’t recall ever vacationing alone, although I have heard stories of the more adventurous doing so. Who would you have to match plaid shorts with? Or tote your camera around your neck with? Even if your travelling companion is not a family member they are no doubt an extension of your chosen family. What I’m beating around the bush to get at is that tourism is generally a team sport. Even if you choose to travel alone, more often than not you are intending on meeting up with a friend somewhere along the way. Vacation is inherently not meant to be a singular activity, to do it correctly it must be shared.

Vacation or travel in general does not have to be a search for somewhere new or better, it can simply be a recharging of the spirit. It is really about connecting with yourself, your family, and your home. If you haven’t taken a vacation in a while, you may want to make time for one very soon. Even if it is just a short road trip, or weekend getaway, it is certainly worth it.   

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