Jelt Belt: Keep Your Pants on Bozeman

Product Review

Monday Mar. 31st, 2014

If you’re like me, you don’t necessarily enjoy wearing belts, and you buy them mainly to pair with an outfit as an accessory. I have never been a belt person and have never really thought of having a belt as a “must have” item. Maybe it’s because I constantly avoid wearing pants, therefore am never in desperate need of a good belt! Or maybe it’s because I tend to focus on other accessories to complete my look instead. I began questioning all of my reasoning for not making room in my wardrobe for a great go to belt as soon as I discovered the “Jelt” Belt. The Jelt Belt is a brand new product created by Bozeman local, Jennifer Perry, and I have a feeling that this belt will soon be on every pair of pants in Bozeman.

The Jelt Belt was an idea thought out by Jen solely based on her need for a stylish yet reliable low-profile belt that she could wear daily. Not only is Jen a mother of two, but she also manages The Glacier Ridge Ranch, a guest ranch and resort located in Trego, Montana. She is a busy woman who is constantly on the move and needed a belt to support that. And with her need unfulfilled, she decided to create her own product and saw this as an opportunity to create something that would not only fill her need, but hopefully others as well.

Trends today offer so much room for creativity, but sometimes you must sacrifice comfort for style. Jen embraces fashion but she also lives a very active life, so it is important to her that she maintains a good balance of feeling put together, yet comfortable. And the Jelt does just that. It is a fun product that makes a statement, yet it keeps your pants up! The colors and design were inspired by the retro 70’s stretch belt, which will add a fun, vintage feel to your wardrobe. The design is very simple, yet extremely effective when it comes to doing its job.
The Jelt has so many great ideas wrapped up into one amazing belt. One of the best and most important features of this belt is its unique buckle. Made from 100% recycled plastic, the buckle is flat and virtually invisible under clothes. The Jelt is the perfect belt to pair with jeans and a long, tight top or when you are just looking for some extra support while wearing your favorite pants and a sweater. In fact, it took me almost until the end of my interview with Jen to notice that she even had on her very own Jelt! I was so amazed with how discrete the Jelt looked, even under her lightweight top, and there was no hint of a buckle anywhere. The Jelt looked so secure in place on her skinny jeans and it was obvious that she felt comfortable. After that I was completely sold on the Jelt and was so impressed at how well they worked.

Personal style has a lot to do with your lifestyle choices and everyday activities. Another great feature of the Jelt is that it can be marketed to anyone and can be worn in multiple ways. Because of its simple design, it is suitable for both men and women of several different age groups. It can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your personal style or where you are going, and can either be shown off or completely invisible. No matter what you choose to wear, you will always feel confident that you have a belt that is going to do its job. And with the signature “Jelt” gel on the inside of the belt, your pants will feel secure with any activity that you choose to do.

The Jelt Belt is also great to wear with your snow pants when you are out hitting the slopes or enjoying the outdoors! Being from Montana, Jen wanted her belt to be shared among the ski community as well, which is another motivation behind the lightweight, easy to put on design. I recently put my Jelt to the test at Big Sky and noticed a big difference in how secure and in place my snow pants felt when I was going down the mountain. It almost felt as if the Jelt was specifically designed for snow sports. So if you have a ski bum in the family, a Jelt Belt makes the perfect birthday gift or stocking stuffer.

Made from 100% elastic and nylon, the Jelt is also an eco-friendly product. Jen has worked closely with engineers to make sure that the Jelt was not only simple in design but also in materials. Everything down to the packaging is all made from recycled resources, something Jen truly emphasized in beginning stages of the Jelt brand. The high quality materials are strong and durable and will support all of your movements. And we can’t forget the fact that the Jelt is perfect for traveling! Because of the fabrics and the metal free design, you can pass through airport security with ease, genius!

As a business owner and member of the community, it was significant to Jen to also give back as much as she could through her business. Each year, Jelt will feature a new charity and give 10% of total profits to support the efforts of these non-profits. This year, the selected charity is Thrive of Bozeman, a non-profit that focuses on providing families with the resources, tools, and support to raise healthy, successful children.

The Jelt brand is very fun and modern and stands for so many things. The message behind this new product is to have fun and not take fashion so seriously. It’s all about being comfortable with yourself and what you have on. Jen wants her customers, no matter what size or age, to feel like their best possible selves when wearing their Jelts. Also know as “Jelting,” wearing a Jelt belt is a fun way to elevate your day no matter what you are doing. The message behind this brand is live your life the way you choose and to laugh at yourself if you suddenly realize that it’s time to find a belt that keeps your pants up.

So for those of us (and that’s probably almost all of us) who could use a little help with keeping your pants secure throughout the whole day, Jen Perry has come up with an eminently wearable solution that wins on all counts—comfort, control and style. I think that this is a great product in so many ways. By wearing a Jelt you are not only supporting local entrepreneurship, but also the efforts of non-profits around the US. So whether you show off the fact that you are “Jelting,” or you simply take advantage of the invisible buckle and lean on it simply for support, the Jelt is all about being confident with yourself and feeling like you can take on the ski hill or your basic everyday tasks. And with Jen’s steadfast conviction in her new idea, personal dedication to entrepreneurship, and a desire to make a difference, the Jelt should become a great success in no time.
The Jelt is available in four colors and offers sizes in S/M and M/L. Those interested in purchasing can visit for more information.    

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