Meet Your Moose: Moose Medicine author reading Oct 29

Monday Oct. 14th, 2013

“Moose Medicine: Healing Wisdom from the Natural World” will be read by the author at a special free event Tuesday evening, October 29th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Bozeman Public Library. A brief experiential activity will follow to assist participants to “Meet Your Moose” and deepen personal connection with the wisdom of the natural world.

In her new book,  “Moose Medicine: Healing Wisdom from the Natural World” (published by Balboa Press), Montana resident and psychotherapist Robyn Bridges relates personal inspirational stories gleaned from the natural world, and how moose became her particular “medicine” to heal what was ailing her. In the process, readers discover the poultice of nature to provide compassion, self-worth, and a balanced inner ecology.

Set in the backcountry of southwest Montana, stories of encounters with moose provide a trail map for anyone needing to forgive and heal from loss and grief. These vignettes invite readers to return to nature for their own numinous experience of direct communication with nature itself.

An excerpt from “Moose Medicine”:

“Once again I am strolling along the river’s edge in high mountain back country, seeking solace from life’s disappointments. I know I can spot a moose, if only by a lone willow whose top branches will wiggle with the thrill of the huge creature feeding off them. I will wiggle, too, with the thrill of such danger and awkward beauty so close to my own. I am kin here to some ineffable knowing deep in my bones. Here, my sorrows quiet. Here, I belong.”

Bridges sees how disconnected we have become from the natural world. She explains  “Indigenous teachings urge a return to nature to discover spiritual intimacy. This takes courage. We are afraid of what we might hear if we truly quiet ourselves. However, in doing so, the power of nature provides needed answers by effortlessly centering our thoughts and hearts. It leads us toward our own form of Moose Medicine.”