Adult Improv classes at Verge Theater

Saturday Aug. 24th, 2013


The improv curriculum here at Verge Theater gives you a solid foundation of improv principles and improvisational scene work. Throughout your classes, you will learn the importance of supporting your fellow cast members, developing characters, and the importance of “Yes and”.

Our classes are designed for beginners as well as experienced actors, the goal is to give you the skills you need for creating better scenes, thinking on your toes, better public speaking, and most importantly the overall feeling of just having fun on stage. This is a progressive curriculum; students are expected to begin at Level 1 and then they can continue through Level 5. Upon completion of the program you will work as a group to write your own comedy revue show, to be performed here at Verge Theater. Classes are once a week for 9 weeks. Join us for Level 1 and start your Improv career.


Instructor: Christian McDaniel

Our intro to improvisation class delves into the basics of improv and hits home the importance of supporting your fellow class members. In this class you will learn improv basics, object work, environment in a scene, and improv games that allow you to practice all these skills.

Our next Intro To Improv Class begins on Sunday, September 22nd. Classes run from 4pm-5:30pm every Sunday for 9 weeks. Cost is $150