Top 10 Hikes Around Bozeman

Saturday Jun. 30th, 2012

#1 Hyalite Creek Trail – 11 miles – This hike is for easy to moderate hikers and offers stunning views. Including passing 11 waterfalls!  Definitely one of the most beautiful hikes in the Bozeman area!

#2 M Trail – 1.6 miles – You know that giant M you see on the hill above Bozeman? You can hike to that!  Offers both a steep and easier trail to the M and features a great view of Bozeman.

#3 Drinking Horse Trail – 1.6 miles – Across from the M and a newer trail, this is becoming all the rage for the locals. Usually less crowded than the M and making an 8 figure, it is a great trail to check out for the local beauty and a great view of Gallatin Valley!

#4 South Cottonwood Creek Trail – 6 to 8 miles– Forrest, fields, hills and creeks, this hike has all you can ask for!  Great for hikers and mountain bikers.

#5 Sourdough Canyon – 16 miles to do the whole thing! – On an old logging trail, this hike is great for dogs and hikers looking for a fairly easy hike. Great for cross country skiing in the winter.

#6 South Fork Trail to Pioneer Falls – 7.5 miles– On Ted Turner’s property up the Spanish Peaks, this is just breathtaking!

#7 Sypes Canyon – 2.5 miles – This hike, off of Springhill Road, is a good climb and beautiful!  It is definitely for the more advanced hiker, so be prepared for a work out!

#8 New World Gulch Trail – 6.9 miles – A great hike with lakes and canyons. Look out for the giant cave!

#9 Leverich Canyon Trail – 3.4 miles – Another great hike, with creeks and canyons, and at the end another great view of the city.

#10 Bear Trap Canyon – many miles – This canyon offers multiple trails for both the novice hiker and the more advanced. It is recommended to bring your fishing pole because you will be tempted, and to watch out for wild animals (including rattle snakes)!

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