Montana Mex

Friday Jul. 1st, 2011

A few facts about Montana Mex llc.
- Kitchen located in Livingston, MT
- Use reusable, dishwasher safe containers
- Committed to supporting local companies
- Chef and Co owner Eduardo Garcia
- Grown in Montana from Caribbean roots
-  Renowned Chef in High End Yachting Industry
- Traveled the world cooking/eating for 12 years
- Creating foods that add to your experience
- Owners value health, great food & living in MT
- Creating tasty foods that fuel an active lifestyle
- Distributed in area grocery stores
Check out website link to Facebook fan page for stores
- Find us at the local Farmers Markets
- House style Salsa Casera & Picante Hot Sauce
Salsa of our Casa, our house, just like we like it at home
- Picante, a fresh kind of hot sauce,
“Hot Sauce to Hoot About”
Farmers Markets Extras
- Come by early to catch our freshly made Guacamole and Pico de Gallo…it sells out!
- Eduardo will be offering inventive meals to enjoy at the markets also!
- Holistic concept of fresh
- Made with 100% Fresh Produce
Fresh, ripe tomatoes, whole garlic and fresh squeezed limes, etc
- Delicious nutrition – low sodium, whole servings of fruits and vegetables
- Foods we would serve in our homes
- A celebration of what comes when people come together, make food and enjoy it!

“I think there is a misunderstanding about Mexican food in the U.S. There is definitely a simple element about many dishes down south but, there is also the ‘pot on the stove’ theory: put it together and let it simmer all day. This is so true about the Caribbean kitchens of our family.
We spent a lot of time and took care in creating a salsa that carried a freshness that is immediate and refreshing as well as having some really deep, rich notes and layers of flavor. “