2010 Downtown Improvement Plan Annual Report

Saturday Feb. 26th, 2011

The Downtown Bozeman Partnership has released the 2010 Downtown Improvement Plan Annual Report outlining the completed and ongoing projects that were recommended in the 2009 Downtown Improvement Plan.

In 2009 the City Commission unanimously adopted the Downtown Improvement Plan.  The plan now serves as a broadly applicable planning tool that will ensure the long-term economic health, historic character, and cultural vitality of Bozeman’s downtown district.

The Plan outlines eight strategies intended to secure and bolster downtown’s economic, cultural, and environmental vitality including: encourage downtown housing density; create a network of open green spaces; tame the traffic and improve the pedestrian access; strengthen the business environment and modify development regulations.

The 2010 Downtown Improvement Plan Annual Report highlights the objectives completed since the Plan’s adoption.  This year’s accomplishments include: establishing a Technical Assistance Program for prospective developers; reducing commercial parking requirements; and the improvement of several downtown streetscapes.

“We wasted no time accomplishing several critical objectives that will position downtown for success as the economy continues to improve,” said Chris Naumann, the Partnership’s executive director.  Acknowledging that the Downtown Plan has a ten year horizon, Naumann stressed the importance of aggressive implementation saying, “the significant progress made this year will enable downtown to remain a vibrant commercial and cultural center poised for new investment.”
The annual report also outlines several other downtown success stories from 2010 including: the reconstruction projects at the March 5, 2009 explosion site; the renewal of the Downtown Business Improvement District; and the installation of new public parking signs.

Several current projects are cited in the annual report such as a pending parking inventory and usage study; establishing a housing development incentive program; a workbook of possible alley improvements; and further municipal code revisions.

A copy of the Annual Report may be obtained by contacting the Downtown Bozeman Partnership.