Reptiles: The Beautiful And The Deadly

Greg Louzan  |  Sunday Mar. 1

The desert Rattlesnake looked me dead in the eyes for a staring contest on my second lap through the snake room at the Museum of the Rockies last weekend. It was another snowy February morning in Montana and what better way to warm up than…

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Cyrano de Bergerac

Kevin Brustuen  |  Sunday Mar. 1

Written in 1897 by Edmond Rostand, a French writer from Marseilles, Cyrano de Bergerac is a play set in France in 1640 during the Thirty Years’ war, one of the most destructive wars ever. After the Siege of Arras, the bloody war was…

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Satsang: “In the Company of Truth”

by Brian Ripple  |  Sunday Mar. 1

It’s a beautiful moment when music from the heart and poetry from the soul truly connects with its intended audience. For Satsang lead singer and songwriter Drew McManus that moment occurred on a 2018 tour through the Midwest, Northeast…

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Chatting With Vinnie Amico from moe.

by Brian Ripple  |  Sunday Mar. 1

Brian Ripple: Hello is this Vinnie? Vinnie Amico: Yep, hey how you doing? BR: Good. Thanks. VA: How’s the weather out there? BR: It has been dumping here in Bozeman. The local ski area got over four feet of snow this last week. VA:…

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The Bozeman Taproom

Maggie Hudlow  |  Sunday Mar. 1

Head to The Bozeman Taproom for some beers after a long day of ridge laps or stripping streamers on the Madison and stay for the food. The hot wings are fried until crunchy on the outside and tender enough to fall right off the bone, and the…

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Editors Note: Spring in Bozeman

by Angie Ripple  |  Sunday Mar. 1

Spring in Bozeman is likely still at least a month away, but that doesn’t stop Bozemanites from enjoying Spring Break! Some of you already have plans to head to Yellowstone International Airport to fly away to a more tropical location,…

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What's Your Beef? Flashing RED Means Stop!

Sunday Mar. 1

As a school bus driver in Bozeman, I love the smiling faces and the great kids I get to deliver to school every day. The counter to that is my real disappointment with drivers running the flashing reds and stop signs of the school busses all…

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February Cover Artist: Ben Jacobsen

Saturday Feb. 1

Ben Jacobsen is a father, husband, skier, sailor, and photographer, just about in that order! It is rare to not find him outside with a camera year-round. Originally from Rhode Island, Ben came to Bozeman in 1996 to go to MSU for computer…

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Year End Market Report 2019

by Tim Ford  |  Saturday Feb. 1

In 2019, 996 single-family homes sold in the areas both inside and outside of Bozeman’s city limits at a median sold price of $495,250. This is compared to 1,020 homes sold in 2018 at a median sold price of $456,375. This represents an…

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Top 10 Best Things About Living in Bozeman

Kate Springer  |  Saturday Feb. 1

OutdoorsIf you head 30 minutes out of town in just about any direction, you can be at a trailhead, at a river, or even on top of a mountain. The wilderness that surrounds the Gallatin Valley is seemingly endless and that’s just the way…

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Marcia 1924-2019

Elizabeth Anderson  |  Saturday Feb. 1

As the New Year chaos has settled down and many emotions are cleared up, I’d like to take a moment to reminisce my grandmother’s life. A fiercely independent, determined, vibrant, continuously learning, and presently strong life…

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Gallatin History Timeline

by Rachel Phillips   |  Saturday Feb. 1

Gallatin County is a unique place. Throughout our history, environmental and geographical attributes intersected and interacted with the people who lived here, creating new ideas and opportunities. This timeline showcases some of the…

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Heads, Fingers, Feet & Toes

Montana Grant  |  Saturday Feb. 1

Like the song says, if you want to be happy and warm when outdoors, make sure these areas are cozy and comfortable. I know that I took some liberty with the lyrics of the original campfire song, but if these areas are not covered, then misery…

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Intermountain Opera: Kiss Me Kate

Kevin Brustuen  |  Saturday Feb. 1

Anyone who grew up in the 1960s-70s likely remembers the famous stormy relationship of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. These internationally famous Hollywood stars argued and fought with each other in public and private, yet loved each other…

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