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July Cover Artist: Packy Cronin

Sunday Jul. 1

Like a lot of people around here, Packy Cronin came to Bozeman to go to MSU (read: ski Bridger Bowl) and never left. During the fall of his freshman year, Rolling Stone Magazine ran an article featuring Tom Jungst, Doug Combs and company…

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Jessica Lewis  |  Sunday Jul. 1

Familiar ingredients, new flavors, clever details. These are the three words that represent the exquisite fare that you will find at Bisl - the kind of restaurant that thrives on creative cooking techniques and delicious…

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Montana Grant  |  Sunday Jul. 1

S’mores are a Montana and camping tradition. These tasty treats are required at most campfire events. Whether you are camping, on a Scouting adventure, or simply having a campfire in the backyard, S’mores are always welcome. The…

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Leaving a Legacy on the Continental Divide Trail

Blaze the CDT

Sunday Jul. 1

A map and compass are essential tools for navigation on any hiking trip regardless of our familiarity with a trail or the duration of the trip. Yet on many trips, the map rarely, if ever, sees daylight thanks to the aid of helpful route…

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Take Me To The River...

Ashley Nettles  |  Sunday Jul. 1

Air conditioning used to be unheard of in Montana. There was absolutely no reason to have it since you might use it once or twice a year. Most houses around here are still not built with A/C. But there’s no doubt it’s getting…

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Sweet Pea & SLAM Festivals Rock

Get As Much Art & Culture As You Can

by Angie Ripple  |  Sunday Jul. 1

The Sweet Pea Festival isn’t just packed into the first weekend of August, it actually begins in July with the annual juried art show running from July 13-August 6 at ERA Landmark on Main Street, followed by Chalk on the Walk on July…

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Moonlight MusicFest

Sure to be a Hit

by Pat Hill  |  Sunday Jul. 1

A new music festival slated for its debut in Big Sky this August will feature musicians like Grace Potter and Bruce Hornsby performing in a mountainous amphitheater. Organizers hope the event becomes a mainstay of the Southwest Montana…

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The Dusty Pockets Hard Line

by Brian Ripple  |  Sunday Jul. 1

The Dusty Pockets are a recently formed (within a year or so) band out of Bozeman, MT. Their original music explores genres from blues to country, folk and soul, and is most comfortably described by the band as Americana Roots. The current…

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Hunter's Hot Springs

The Forgotten Opulence of a Bygone Era

by Cindy Shearer  |  Sunday Jul. 1

Long before any emigrants came to the Northwest, Native Americans would carry their sick to the place that would later become known as Hunter’s Hot Springs, 20 miles east of Livingston, to bathe in and drink the hot and healing waters.…

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Bozeman Dog Parks

Places to take your dog in Bozeman

Sunday Jul. 1

With what feels like more dogs than people and an abundance of wild places, visitors to Bozeman and residents alike have plenty of choices when it comes to taking your furry friend out!  Here at Bozeman Magazine, we’ve compiled a…

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Wuzzy Fuzzy?

by Jerry Schuster  |  Sunday Jul. 1

Guess what’s about to happen in the beautiful Gallatin Valley? Yes, it’s time for the grandkids to visit “Nana Tree and Papa S” in Bozeman! Of course, I would not want to reveal their identities, ages or places of…

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Bozeman Real Estate Report: July

by Tim Ford  |  Sunday Jul. 1

More homes have sold in Bozeman during the first 5 months of this year versus last; 386 homes in 2018 versus 347 in 2017. Inventory remains limited, so it often feels like there are fewer homes to buy, and the demand in Bozeman remains…

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TART: Trans Am Roadtrip

Sunday Jul. 1

It is a car that certainly grabs the attention--the black and gold Trans Am, made famous by the Smokey and The Bandit films of the late 70s. It was the poster car for many a child of that era and holds fond memories for those of a certain…

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Top 10 BZN Places for People Watching

by Sarah Cairoli  |  Thursday May. 31

Watching other people is human nature. We can’t help it; we’re fascinated by each other. We learn a lot about each other through body language and visual cues, often inventing entire stories about people we have never met. Bozeman…

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Downtown Bozeman's Historic Masonic Temple #18

Thursday May. 31

This is the story of Bozeman’s growth through a lens focused at Masonic Temple #18, one of two Masonic lodges on Main Street. Located a few blocks from each other, each lodge is on the second floor of a historic building, over retail…

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Water Park Road Tripping

by Brian Ripple  |  Thursday May. 31

Bozeman has tons of amazing activities for those willing to get outdoors and have fun. Fishing, biking, skiing, hunting, camping, horseback riding, rafting and kayaking to name a few. But one thing we are still lacking is a quality waterpark.…

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