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May 2018 Cover Artist: Jonah Prill

Tuesday May. 1

Jonah Prill is a photographer based out of Billings, Montana who is currently a student at MSUB working towards a business marketing degree. Jonah was born in Billings, but spent most of his time on a family ranch on the Boulder River south…

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Pickle Barrel

Jessica Lewis  |  Tuesday May. 1

The Pickle Barrel - one of Bozeman’s most popular restaurants - remains a community staple, even after 40 years of operation. The squat brown building is barely tall enough for the wooden screen door; the door’s handle is worn…

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The Tween Season

by Jerry Schuster  |  Tuesday May. 1

Seems to be that time of year again in Bozeman. Outdoor winter sports and events are pretty well finished, and it’s much too early to get out for the area’s summer activities.What is one to do? You can’t go downhill or cross…

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10 Things Well Learned

Montana Grant  |  Tuesday May. 1

Taking risks and trying new things are how we learn. We will never get our limit of knowledge in our lifetime. The best lessons are learned through trial and error. Big mistakes mean big opportunities to grow. To become a successful…

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Willow Creek Road

Tuesday May. 1

Jenna Ciralli is a filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NYC whose short, Willow Creek Road—which she produced, co-wrote and stars in—will screen at BZN International Film Festival this June 7 – 10. The short film follows a ranch…

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Damn Dirty Hippies

Bryant Sterczala  |  Tuesday May. 1

Try not to Freak Out, but Bozeman’s award-winning musical is back. This May 18-19, see the hilarious giant puppet show returning for its  encore performance. Inside the Rialto Theatre audiences will be treated to a new kind of…

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Bozeman Real Estate - Market Report

by Tim Ford  |  Tuesday May. 1

The winter of 2018 has been one of the longest and snowiest that many in town can remember. As we hopefully make our way into spring, I thought it prudent to take a look at how the condo and townhome market is faring.Pricing for condos &…

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Is The Band Interfering With Your Conversation?

What's Your Beef?

by Pat Hill  |  Sunday Apr. 1

At first I thought it was because it’s been kind of a long winter around Bozeman this year, and people were getting cabin fever, or rather, trying to shed themselves of it.Then I started to hear about it from friends and others as…

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Little Star Diner

Jessica Lewis  |  Sunday Apr. 1

The farm-to-table movement has emerged as one of the biggest trends in today’s culinary world. The phrase “farm to table” is a buzzword referring to food made with locally sourced, natural, and organic ingredients. Our…

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Your Health Commitment

by Phil Cameron  |  Sunday Apr. 1

As I was talking with Angie about this month’s article in Bozeman Magazine, she told me there was a special wedding section. As it happens, I’m also getting married this April to Katy, the love of my life. I started to think about…

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Winter Fly Fish Wish

Montana Grant  |  Sunday Apr. 1

Fishing is a year around sport. Each season presents different challenges and techniques, but the opportunity to enjoy the sport is always available. No matter how cold it is, fish have to eat. They may move less and feed on more marginal…

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The Filler be Jammin’

by Eric Kofer  |  Sunday Apr. 1

ChickenJam West and Mellow Mood Bozeman want to make sure that you don’t miss Bozeman’s best Four-Twenty celebration with MOTH & Yak Attack, Friday, April 20 at The Filling Station. Doors will open at 9pm with music beginning…

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Record Store Day 2018

by Brian Ripple  |  Sunday Apr. 1

According to their website “Cactus Records & Gifts, calling downtown Bozeman MT home since 1970, is Southwest Montana’s destination for new/used vinyl & CDs, gifts & novelties, oddities & hilarities, traditional…

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