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Montana’s One Room School Houses

Historical Gold in the Treasure State

by Dianne Stuart

Author Laura Engels Wilder gave us a glimpse of life during the settlement of the American West in her book,”Little House on the Prairie” by enacting life in a one room school house. In these small but special spaces, students and their teachers brought to life the joys and challenges associated with early pioneering.

There was a time in American history when almost every American child was educated in a one-room school. In the 1700’s, John Adams taught in a one-room school in Boston. Abraham Lincoln was educated in one and Henry Ford loved his one room school so much he had it moved to a museum in Michigan. As late as 1913, half of American children were enrolled in 200,000 one-room schools in the United States. However, after World War I, one room schools began to close as people moved into cities and schools consolidated to accommodate larger student bodies.

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Biggest Skiing in America® license plate

Tue. Sep. 9th, 2014

Big Sky Resort teamed up with Big Sky Ski Education Foundation (BSSEF) to bring the Biggest Skiing in America® license plate to Montana residents.

2014 Cat Chat #1

Thu. Sep. 4th, 2014

Dakota Prukop made his public debut at Cat Chat last Wednesday night (8/27/14) and I was able to ask him a few  questions about the upcoming Bobcat Football Season.

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Awesome took me on a journey so vivid I experienced it... made me think of the small town I grew up in and the things I could write about it.. thanks for the was beautiful...

The View From My Window

Cheryl J. Bass

Aug. 15, 2014

Loved this article. Well written and magical...Now I want to ride in a hot air balloon!

A New View


Aug. 4, 2014

This is very interesting , however I have seen these house 1st hand and space is very limited the second floors have low ceilings and short walls resulting in a lot of negative space meaning a ...

Yes Haus

Bozeman home builder

Aug. 4, 2014

Wow. MADD has come a long ways! Thank you, Ms. Denison, for taking the time to inform us. I look forward to the meeting!

Drunk Driving is a Montana Epidemic

Levi Monroe

Jul. 29, 2014

This review nails it spot on. Saffron Table is extraordinary. I highly, highly recommend.

Saffron Table


Jul. 1, 2014