December at the Filling Station

by Brian Ripple  |  Sunday Dec. 1

December is typically a slower month for live music in Bozeman, but this year might actually be an exception. There are events happening all over town this year and at the Filling Station especially. The first weekend of the month we will…

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The Club Tavern & Grill

Elizabeth Anderson  |  Sunday Dec. 1

The Club Tavern & Grill is located inside the Best Western Plus Grantree Inn. It’s well known as a local favorite restaurant and long-time family friendly upscale sports bar destination in Bozeman and is as dependable as a place of service…

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What's Your Beef? This is Normal

by Kris Drummond  |  Sunday Dec. 1

We live in a culture that cultivates the art of pretending not to know. This could be one definition of privilege. In playing along, we the privileged beneficiaries of the system avert our eyes from injustice, greed, and inhumanity to take up…

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Gift Local Experiences

by Angie Ripple  |  Sunday Dec. 1

Sometimes things don’t work out. And it’s okay. I thought I had a great idea to include a Give Experiences and Good Gift Guide in this issue of Bozeman Magazine. The intention was good; it was the execution that fell flat. When…

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3rd Quarter Real Estate Update

by Tim Ford  |  Friday Nov. 1

The first round of winter has come a little early to Bozeman this year. While many skiers are getting excited, others in town are hoping we have a little more fall before winter really socks in. Even with the cooler weather, the Bozeman Real…

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Building Towers by Rolling Dice

Exploring and Understanding Mental Health with Logan Rosenstein

Christie Selensky  |  Friday Nov. 1

Building Towers by Rolling Dice tells the story of Tyler, a young man navigating the trials and tribulations of high school and early adulthood while struggling with depression and anxiety. Initially intended as a private gift for a loved one…

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Sunday Sinnings

by Kelly Hartman  |  Friday Nov. 1

When one digs back into the history of the “Wild West,” one too often finds that culture predominated and most places were not as “wild” as we would probably hope to find. Even Cooke City, located at the Northeast…

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Do I need to work out before ski season?

I’m not an Olympian

Sarah May  |  Friday Nov. 1

As fresh snow blankets the Bridgers and Big Sky comes to life, we break out our skis with eager anticipation of fresh powder and days spent skiing down the mountains we call home. For most of us, skiing is a seasonal recreation and we…

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Howl! A Montana Love Story

Kevin Brustuen  |  Friday Nov. 1

In 1995, wolves were successfully reintroduced into the Yellowstone National Park region after an absence of 70 years. Before long, the wolves formed into several viable packs, expanding their ranges to create their own territories.…

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Cosmic Pizza Belgrade & Bozeman

by Angie Ripple  |  Friday Nov. 1

Truth be told, Ken Burger and I have known each other for nearly twenty years. Both Brian and I have worked for Ken, he at West Coast Gourmet Pizza as a delivery driver, and I as an assistant manager at Cosmic Pizza in Bozeman while I…

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Bar 3 BBQ

Elizabeth Anderson  |  Friday Nov. 1

Find here the true makings of southern soul food with Big Sky country style Bozemanites have known Bar 3 for nearly two decades, but the restaurant recently gained new ground right down the road off of East Main in Belgrade. There’s no…

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November Cover Artist: Matt C. Jackson

Friday Nov. 1

Matt C. Jackson is a Ph.D. student in environmental engineering at Montana State University where his research focuses on sustainable wastewater treatment and algal cultivation. He has lived in Bozeman for the past five years where he has…

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