The Grill at Sage Lodge

In a warm, relaxing environment, The Grill delivers great food, prepared in one of the purest, most primal methods - over an open wood fire. In Montana, dining this way just feels right. It’s the only restaurant in the region devoted to this age-old way of cooking, and it’s tough to beat this sensory dining experience, where you are immersed in captivating flames, the crackling of the firewood, and the aromas of foraged herbs and grasses. You’ll also be in the presence of our dry-aged display of meat that complements the traditional ambience of The Grill. On display are prime beef cuts, house smoked bacon, and scratch-made beef jerky, as guests are given the difficult task of choosing from a selection of classic cuts of meat at this Montana steakhouse.


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Sage Lodge
55 Sage Lodge Dr
Pray, MT 59065