The Commons at Baxter and Love

A facility and campus developed and built by the community of Journey Church in Bozeman, MT.

The Commons was born and driven by the core belief that the Church should be fully engaged in serving the entire community. Yes, The Commons is the “home” of Journey Church (meaning that’s where the Journey Church Staff will office, meet on the weekends and throughout the week) but way more importantly than just being another “church building” that sits cold and dark more days than it gets used, The Commons at Baxter & Love is, at its core, a community center. We (the Journey Church Community) built it for you to make productive use of.

We envision The Commons at Baxter & Love being a place where business leaders are trained and all kinds of community-service groups hold gatherings, where sports teams will practice and hold games, where musicians (wait ‘til you hear the sound system in there!) and artists and filmmakers (three enormous screens in the auditorium!) and dancers will put their art on display for the Gallatin Valley Community to enjoy, where homeless people will find temporary shelter, where Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts and Senior Citizens groups and Moms Groups and Dads Groups and those with disabilities of all kinds will find a “home”—a place to gather.

1794 Baxter Lane
Bozeman, MT 59718