Nick Mack

Nick Mack is an intern with Bozeman Magazine and a senior in MSU’s English department. When he’s not writing, he can be found singing in an angsty punk rock cover band or running obscene distances.

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Every Dreamer Needs Bozeman Believers: An Interview with Brice Ash

Nick Mack

A horseback-rider from Billings learns the courage to press on after a crippling fall, an onion-smelling outcast takes his classmate’s mother to the high school prom, and a laid-off performer gives one final bow after sixty years working…

Learning the Bozeman Beat: An Interview with Adam Greenberg

Nick Mack

Jazz music relies on a gnarly combo of rhythm disruption and improvisation, fueled by a healthy dose of blood, sweat, and tears—and yet, Adam Greenberg makes the process appear effortless as he drums his way through a two-hour set at the Open…

Bridging Genres and Generations: An Evening with Reckless Abandon

Nick Mack

Reckless Abandon won’t take the stage for another twenty minutes, but the Murray Bar in downtown Livingston positively sings with anticipation as I lead my roommates through its historic front doors. We scan for a place to sit, and in doing…

Getting to Know SlomoJoe: An Interview with Joe Knapp

Nick Mack

Contrary to the pace his nickname might suggest, Joe Knapp, better known by most of Bozeman as SlomoJoe, has been living in a state of fast-forward since the beginning of the summer. “I had a really busy month of August,” he explains as…