Natalie Waddington

Natalie Waddington is a summer intern at Bozeman Magazine looking forward to learning the ins and outs of writing, the magazine, and of Bozeman itself.

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Lingering in the Library Labrynth

Natalie Waddington

Libraries offer great perks for a community. They are places of knowledge, imagination, refuge, and wonder. The escape from the rest of the world that libraries provide is second to none. As a writer, I enjoy nothing more than the ability to go to a…

Stealing a Pizza Your Heart: Choice Pizza Destinations in Montana

Natalie Waddington, Elizabeth Anderson

There’s nothing like enjoying a perfectly baked oven-fresh pizza and being in the last best place - Montana. Double win. If you’re traveling the state, or need an excuse for a road trip, here are some of the best possible pizza places to…

The Bogert Farmers Market is at Lindley Park this Summer!

Natalie Waddington

It’s summer. This means lots of outdoor activities and events. We wait through the long, grueling winter for a chance to experience the incredible summer here in Bozeman. And, along with all of the great opportunities to get outside and…

The Dogs of Bozeman

Natalie Waddington

Four Legs, Two Ears, and an Adventure