Michael Jochum

Michael Jochum is a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Drummer, Author, advocate for the disabled musician, Activist, and dog lover.

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500 Miles Higher

Michael Jochum

A monumental loss. My singular interaction with Armando Chick Corea stands as one of the most profound experiences of my musical career.

A Virtually Impossible Task

Michael Jochum

Playing drums is like making love. You never look down to see how the flow is going.The phrase “a virtually impossible task” resonated in my mind as I hung up the phone (of course, I didn’t really hang up the phone. I just pushed…

SIlence Speaks

Michael Jochum

In and around 1987, I was playing in the house band for The Tracey Ullman Show on Fox. Tracey is one of the funniest and genuinely nicest people I have ever met in the “business of music.” The band was stellar: Richard Gibbs was our…

Children of the Korn

Michael Jochum

Korn was going through a tremendous amount of transition towards the end of 2005, when David Silveira was the drummer. David, an original member of the band, was debating whether or not to stay in the band. I auditioned and got the second drummer…

"These Boots Were made For Walkin'"

Michael Jochum

So, I’ll tell you my Ted Nugent story. It was right around 1986. I was one of the “session guys in demand,” and I got a call to play on a Ted Nugent record. During that period of time, I was deep into some illicit drugs that caused…


Michael Jochum

Over the course of my 50 year career I’ve always contended that the studio is my home away from home. It’s where I feel the most power, and a profound sense of peace. The dissection of the recording process, the almost surgical attention…

Double Trouble

Michael Jochum

It was early 1986, and I was playing with Jackson Browne. It happened to be Jackson’s birthday that night, and after show festivities were quite a spectacle at the Ritz Carlton hotel somewhere in the United States. I believe it was…