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Big Sky In the 1970’s Generations of Friends

Liz Bischoff

In celebration of Big Sky Resort’s 50th Anniversary, I wanted to share a story of friendship that spans nearly 45 years, spills into three generations, and travels over four states. I’ll paint the picture: It’s 1976 and, in Spring…

The Love of a Rancher

Liz Bischoff

The heartbeat of a Montana rancher can be heard when the whistling winds that chap uncovered skin finally die down, when the hail that dents rooftops and cracks glass finally settles, when the lambing ewes stop braying and bleating and start licking…

Lindley Park’s Tree Totem

Liz Bischoff

Have you been to Lindley Park yet this fall? Located behind the Bozeman Public Library, and site of Bozeman’s annual Sweet Pea Festival of the Arts, the park has a unique new feature: the Festival’s Tree Totem. Kris Conners with Custom…

Where To Go This Fall For Bone Chilling Paranormal Activity

Liz Bischoff

The stories of our community’s past have a way of walking alongside us. We see these stories in the shadows when they are twisted and turned, like strangling vines curling up an old oak; we see these stories in the mirror when we find we are…

Six Historically Significant Montana Pets

Liz Bischoff

This short list of historically significant pets in Montana gives us a glimpse of Montanans’ relationships with their pets over the history of this amazing state. There is a common theme of love and companionship, which concludes that all dogs…