Lara Wisniewski

Lara Wisniewski is a professional editor of the written word and a longtime writer of fascinating life interests, art and culture. She is also currently at work on her first novel. She is an extremely happy, new resident of the Bozeman area and the proud, new mama of her rescue puppy Bettina.

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Bozeman True Confessions: I am an Outdoor Nerd!

Lara Wisniewski

When we told people we were moving here, their first question always was: do you ski, do you hike, do you fish, do you bike, boat, snowshoe…perhaps? In other words, am I an outdoor person? My response was no, no to everything but a hike but…

Fresh Eyes: What Everyone Warned Me About

Lara Wisniewski

When I first moved here last October, everyone warned me about the long winters. The chorus I heard in my first weeks here were: “Oh the winters are so long, and you have to get out and find something to do outside or you’ll go…

Fresh Eyes: The Real Recycle

Lara Wisniewski

It’s important to manage the garbage for sure, but it’s heartbreaking when our throwaway society treats its domesticated animals like inanimate objects.

Fresh Eyes: Jellied Moose Nose

Lara Wisniewski

The amazing thing about food is that unlike a traditional history lesson that will give you facts, food will tell you a story about people, a place and a time, that involves all of your senses.

Fresh Eyes: Land of Yep

Lara Wisniewski

Two of the most common lies told in Montana are: 1.) Yup, this here pick up’s paid for. 2.) Yup, I won this here belt buckle at a rodeo in high school.