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Kelly Nicholson is an adventurer, singer, outdoor educator, and book hoarder. Follow her on Instagram at @knichoutdoors.

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Volunteer: You'll Get As Much As You Give

Kelly Nicholson

"If I’m gonna work, I’m gonna get paid for it,” said my coworker. We had been talking about weekend plans over our thirty-minute lunch break when I mentioned I was volunteering that Saturday. I was really excited for the chance to…

Forest Bathing: A Dose of Nature

Kelly Nicholson

I woke up this morning in a shady, creekside campground south of Red Lodge, and finally realized why I’ve been feeling down the last few weeks: I’ve been spending too much time inside. The summer heat has made me lethargic; my packed…

Observing Nature with the Montana Master Naturalist Program

Kelly Nicholson

"Hey dolla dolla bill, y’all!,” I say melodically, then laugh. My attempt at a birdsong mnemonic for the white-crowned sparrow isn’t quite accurate, but it’s always fun to say.I learned how to create these memory-jogging catch phrases during…

Burying the Myth of the Green Thumb

Kelly Nicholson

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a houseplant. Keep that hand up if the plant is still alive because of your innate plant-growing superpowers. I’m willing to bet that your hand has never glowed green with inherited magical…

Balancing the Sun This Equinox

Kelly Nicholson

Every year, the depths of winter shroud us in darkness and bitter cold. We hunker down and try our best to be content, but as the inevitable daydreams of warmer weather and longer days begin to creep in, seeds of restlessness sow themselves in our…

Changing the Narrative of Valentine’s Day

Kelly Nicholson

Valentine’s Day has been documented as a celebration of romance and love as far back as the 14th century, but the commercialized day as we know it didn’t begin to evolve until the 1840’s, when Esther A. Howland began selling mass…

10 Unusual Winter Hobbies

Kelly Nicholson

The Winter Solstice and the darkest days of winter are behind us now as we head into a new year, but we won’t notice much difference in the length of days for a while. Until the days run long into the evening again, we will need something to…

Contemplations In The Cold

Kelly Nicholson

It’s finally Saturday again. There’s no alarm to wake me before my body is ready, no rush to gather my wits for the drive across town to punch a timecard. It’s a day to rest as long as I need to. Magpie complaints eventually rouse…

Leave No Trace A Resource for Positive Change

Kelly Nicholson

Connections are driving forces behind much of what we do and who we are. We rely on friends and family for companionship and support, our communities for unity and resources, and nature for food sources, recreation, and personal wellbeing. Spending…