Jamie Calloway

Jamie Calloway is interning for Bozeman Magazine and is currently pursuing an English Writing degree at Montana State University. If you would like to contact her, you may email her at callowayjamie@gmail.com

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Author’s Journey Through His Writing

Jamie Calloway

One of the rarest things in life is finding inspiration. Despite this, Bozeman author Douglas Solvie happened to stumble across the inspiration for his new book My Irish Dog during one of his vacations.Some of the greatest relationships that people…

Why Owning House Plants is Easy

Jamie Calloway

You have probably heard “I do not have a green thumb” from a close friend or relative at some point in your life. Who knows, you may have said this yourself. Well, I am here to tell you that anyone can have a “green thumb” and…

Geocaching: A perfect activity during the winter months

Jamie Calloway

Winter is one of the most active seasons in Bozeman when it comes to recreational sports, but what if you do not enjoy snowboarding or skiing? For these residents, it may be hard to find a hobby during the winter, but I may have the answer, and that…