Greg Louzan

Greg is a senior English major at MSU. In his spare time he enjoys playing with basset hounds and giving out free lip piercings to local salmonids

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Navigating New Waters

Greg Louzan

With women being the fastest growing demographic in fly fishing and Bozeman being one of the fastest growing towns in the nation, it’s not too much of a stretch to realize that Bozeman may be the epicenter of the boom in women fly fishermen…

Dead Sky: Navigating The Golden Road

Greg Louzan

Born out of a common love for Grateful Dead music, Bozeman’s own Dead Sky has been responsible for rampant bone shaking and face thievery in the Gallatin Valley over the last two years. The band is made up of some of Montana’s most…

Reptiles: The Beautiful And The Deadly

Greg Louzan

The desert Rattlesnake looked me dead in the eyes for a staring contest on my second lap through the snake room at the Museum of the Rockies last weekend. It was another snowy February morning in Montana and what better way to warm up than look at…