Cammie Reid

Cammie Reid is a student, writer, and environmentalist at Montana State University. Hailing from the East Coast, she has written in publications in three different cities before arriving in Bozeman in 2017.

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Haufbrau Open Mic (The Pandemic Sessions)

Cammie Reid

Up until March 16, 2020 the Haufbrau, part of Bozeman’s infamous Bar-muda Triangle, hosted live music seven nights a week, with Open Mics on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. When the entire state of Montana was given the stay-at-home order…

Theater Expert Tom Watson Takes Film School to New Heights

Cammie Reid

As the Resident Scene Designer for Montana Shakespeare in the Parks (MSIP) and an Associate Professor at the Montana State University School of Film, Tom Watson regularly finds himself at the helm of the vibrant and clamoring theater scene that…