Christie Selensky

Christie Selensky is a part-time magazine intern and a full-time student at MSU. She loves to explore the weird, wide world of Gallatin Valley and beyond.

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The Miracle of Bubba: An Interview with Author Joe Flynn

Christie Selensky

“My name is Bubba. I am a black Labrador retriever with a very special story to tell.” The Miracle of Bubba: An Inspirational Dog Story is an account that is at once harrowing and heartfelt; a story of sadness and fear, but also of…

Sobering Reminder: Montana’s Fatality Marker Program

Christie Selensky

Numerous enough to notice, infrequent enough to be startled at seeing, and inspiring reverence, sorrow, sympathy, curiosity, and caution. For over 50 years, the white crosses that mark the sites of fatal traffic accidents along the highways of…

A Taste of History Exploring Bozeman’s Past Through Recipes

Christie Selensky

Every holiday with my family is marked by the anticipation of the custard kuchen. The almost-sacred recipe has been handed down by my great grandmother. Kuchen’s a sort of fruit and custard dessert, lined with a buttery pie crust, topped with…

Exploration into the Unknown: An Evening with Bozeman Paranormal Society

Christie Selensky

For the typical senior in college, Friday nights are the ultimate time to go out with friends, relax, and let loose after a long week of classes. This past Friday was no different. My friends went out to shoot pool downtown, asking me if I wanted to…