Andrew Jefferis

Andrew Jefferis is a senior at MSU, he is passionate about photography and writing.

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Blueprint in Bozeman

Andrew Jefferis

As far as my understanding on homelessness went, my knowledge on the issue wasn’t as full as it is now. I grew up in Connecticut, which has the greatest “achievement gap” in the country. To be frank, Connecticut’s obstinate…

A House to Clean

Andrew Jefferis

Would you like to hear a ghost story? To begin, I should make it very clear that ghosts do not exist. Feel free to have your own opinions about this, but a human soul cannot be bound to the world after death. Demons, however, roam the world and only…

Momming In The 406

Andrew Jefferis

Recovering from a number of mid-summer thunderstorms and profusion of rain, Bozeman suburbia was greener than ever. I step inside, in complete awe of the family photos printed on canvas lining the foyer. After a brief hug and some mandatory catching…