Illuminating the Shadowed World of Bozeman’s Red-Light District

Join us for an exhibit tour! You are invited to explore a little known or discussed part of Bozeman’s history. The Extreme History Project is unveiling our new exhibit, “Illuminating the Shadowed World of Bozeman’s Red-Light District.” Located in our headquarters at 234 E. Mendenhall, which was originally built in 1891 as a brothel, the exhibit examines the hidden layers of the city’s “restricted district” that thrived from 1870s until 1918. You’ll learn about the lives and stories of two district madams, Lizzie Woods and Libbie Hayes and how they navigated the legalities, social stigmas and moralities of their business. You’ll learn too about the harsh realities these women lived with including drug addiction, violence and early death due to overdose, disease or suicide. Adding a rich cultural dimension to the narrative is the Chinese community’s connection to the district. This exhibit promises you a thought-provoking journey, shedding a new light on those who lived and worked in the shadows of Bozeman's red-light district. The tour is one-hour long and takes place within the Extreme History building. The tour will focus on the exhibit and building history. Hope you can join us!

Cost: $ 8-10


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